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TimTheTatman Leaves Twitch For YouTube Gaming

Tim will stream exclusively on YouTube now.

Screengrab via TimTheTatman

One of the biggest streamers on Twitch has left the platform for YouTube Gaming.

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TimTheTatman, who has more than 30,000 subscribers on Twitch and averages around the same number of viewers per stream, according to TwitchTracker, has decided to stream exclusively on YouTube Gaming. The 31-year-old streamer announced the move today via Twitter, and he will make his debut stream on YouTube tomorrow.

In a video, Tim explained that his main YouTube channel, which has nearly 4 million subscribers, will be the place for his fans to watch his live streams and stream VODs. The videos he has been uploading to that channel will now be uploaded on his secondary channel, ‘More TimTheTatman,’ which has around 600,000 subscribers.

Tim’s move comes just two days after Tim’s friend and another Twitch star, DrLupo, signed an exclusive deal with YouTube Gaming. On YouTube, Tim and Lupo will join the likes of CouRageJD, one of the first popular streamers to leave behind Twitch, as well as Dr Disrespect and Valkyrae.

CouRage, who signed a deal with YouTube in November 2019, tweeted today that Tim and Lupo’s signings were a part of his “vision” when he made the move.

This was my vision alongside the team at YouTube when I joined. Build the best platform for live-streamers. The team has made so many improvements and there is still more to come. Couldn’t be happier my boys are with me and taken care of too. Welcome @DrLupo and @timthetatman!

Unlike when Ninja, one of the most popular creators on its platform at the time, announced he would be signing with Mixer, Twitch posted a farewell video on Twitter to thank Tim for his time entertaining fans on its platform.

Tim’s first stream on YouTube will begin around 11 am CT.