Tiny Brains, Forthcoming Puzzler From Triple-A Supergroup, Playable At PAX East

Spearhead Games is to make its debut with Tiny Brains, a co-op puzzle game in which a group of four animals escape a testing laboratory and exact revenge on their captors. If that sterling premise alone isn’t enough to sell you on it, perhaps the Canadian studio’s pedigree will: the group comprises developers Simon Darveau, Malik Boukhira and Atul Mehra, whose credits include work on Dead Space, Assassin’s Creed 3 and Army Of Two.

While none of those games boasts crossover appeal with Tiny Brains’ announced features so far, they each represent considerable success in their respective genres and prove that these guys know how to make games, at least. I’ll see you on the other side of the trailer.

If there’s one aspect of this that doesn’t appeal to me it’s the notion of having to co-operate to win the approval of a giant unseen scientist who sounds like any child’s impression of Count Dracula. As gamers, we should be the ones puppeteering. It’s entirely plausible that he’s actually quite benevolent and that the game features no vengeance at all as per my opening paragraph, but if history’s anything to go by this guy’s likely more nasty than nice. I mean, he’s European.

I’m not that bowled over by the game’s visuals, but it’s early days yet. It seems more like a problem of design than capability, though, so even if the somewhat blocky graphics are upgraded for a more HD-appropriate sheen, the characters’ll still look the way they look. If you’re in Boston this weekend, you can check out a demo for the game at PAX East, despite it not yet being announced which platforms it’ll be running on.

Are you excited about Tiny Brains? Perhaps Montreal’s supergroup of developers is what’s piqued your interest. Let us know below.