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Tips For The Black Ops Zombie ‘Noob’ (2.0)

Here it is! The new instalment of our zombie survival guide, with a selection of additions for the first feature, and a fresh look a Kino-Der-Toten for those who are finding the zombie masses too much. Seeing as our first guide was relatively popular, we thought we’d continue compiling our tips for yall.

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Here it is! The new instalment of our zombie survival guide, with a selection of additions for the first feature, and a fresh look a Kino-Der-Toten for those who are finding the zombie masses too much. Seeing as our first guide was relatively popular, we thought we’d continue compiling our tips for yall.  Article ‘1.0’ (I feel like a spy) was directed more towards the map “5”, so now we’d like to offer some more tricks for this map but take a more substantial look at “Kino-Der-Toten”this time around. As I’ve stated before, I’m not particularly amazing at Zombies but I have been able to gather useful information for freshmen and ‘butchers’ alike, if you are completely new to all this then I’d advise having a read through the basics first.

I would quickly like to thank all of you who posted your tips and revelations in the comments section in 1.0, you guys have been offering up some really good stuff for everyone (me included).


-First up you want to make sure you are in a relatively non-laggy room and that everyone with a headset can speak to each other, and the other players can at least hear you.

-As CMck123 notes, you can make a lot of cash in the first 4 rounds without even using a bought weapon, simply pistol zombies in the chest (no more than four shots otherwise they die) then knife them to get loaads per kill (around 130 pts) and maximise how much you have from the start.

–  The war room is an ace place to camp till you have enough to go ‘down the pit’ (I’ve heard this being used…I’ll explain in a second), with one window each (making sure NO-ONE buys the debris on the stairs till everyone is ready) it’s ridiculously easy to hold till round 9 or so, but make sure you don’t hesitate to go back to the lift if things get to hot (seriously…you don’t want to have to keep doing the early rounds lol).

– ‘Down the pit’, right so this basically means that the team wants to open up EVERYTHING to the laboratories (lift, debris, lift) and come back up again after turning on the power and hitting the box, then getting the juggernog (most accept juggernog as first priority for perks), and getting in the presidents lounge for the pack-a-punch (if you can afford it). Read that again if you need to. To go down the pit and have the team set up relatively comfortably, you will each need around 8000-10,000 points each (counting as soon as you get in the war room). It sounds like a big number but honestly you will rack it up fast from round 7 onwards. You need the cash so you can split the price of the ‘doors’ to the bottom between all of you, buy the correct room for the box (in one of three…look through the windows carefully and you can find it without wasting money), use the box enough times to get something powerful (full list below), buy a perk (essential after round 11), and have just enough to restock if it all goes to s*** halfway through the round.

-Note that you shouldn’t pack-a-punch weapons till the Doctor has nabbed you once, and remember your perks are stripped from you if you have been downed (why you want to have some backup cash at all times…save your ass). The Doctor only goes for you once each time he appears, if you manage to kill him (can be done…just chase and spray..) you will get your stolen weapons back and a max ammo.

-Best tools from the walls: MPL- fast and strong even when spraying (located on first floor), Stakeout- literally a one-shot-bloodsplash- kill for all rounds up to around 25-26 (found by the second lift in the war room), AK74u – fast emergency crowd control (unfortunately right at the bottom on the outside lab wall). DON’T waste money on a bowie knife (the lab room near the power switch I believe), it’s not worth it, and if you end up with enough for claymores (remember they refill every round) then don’t waste your money by putting them in the corridor you are camping in, put them tactically on corners or in rooms you might need to flee to. This way the explosives actually come in handy by buying you time to call that lift, grab that weapon, or (if you’re quick) revive that whining teammate, it does makes a difference.

-Best tools from the box (I don’t know why I’m calling them ‘tools’…oh well): Obviously the Ray gun (exactly what you think) and the Winters Howl (ice gun that slows the mob down…ooh look they’re dribbling!) are beauties. Any LMG (RPK, HK-something etc) because of the sheer number of bullets in each clip and the fact they MOW  through the undead like they’re made of tissue paper (mostly). Python, oddly effective against zombies even without upgrading (with PAP…pack a punch) but slow reloading means it needs a speed cola perk to be truly awesome. I’d take it over the other pistols any day though. Ballistic knife: it’s a gamble but if you manage to survive long enough to PAP it you can revive teammates with the shots, it also lets you run reeeeely quickly when you have them equipped so it can be handy to give you some more speed when you most need it. An RPG or a M72 law never fail to make crawlers (only use if you have an automatic gun aswell), but steer clear of the China Lake (proximity rule is a pain in the ass when they’re running at you).

-The AUG, Famas, Commando, or SPAS are serviceable but avoid the rest of the guns if you have a choice (from the box).

-For those of you who didn’t know; once the power has been turned on the location of the box can be seen on the little T.V.’s found at each box location.

-Camp in the president’s lounge with one at each window (possible to hold both with one dude if needed) and have two guys at the double doors. If you alternate fire you can fend them off (hopefully) way beyond round 20, but be aware that the two at the double doors will get the most points (and pickups..eg. death machine) so switch around if you all have good enough guns to make sure no one falls behind.

-Leave firesale pickups till you have space and time to use them properly (spawn’s all boxes and needs only 10 pts a go for a short time) if you can. Same with insta-kills, don’t use them at the end of a round, try to activate them at the start of the next one (they flash 4 times I think, before they disappear).

They’re the most useful additional tips we can offer for now on “5”, now it’s time for a look at the easier of the two maps….yep EASIER.

Kino-Der-Toten: For The Zombie ‘Noob’

It is something you will come to accept after several hours on each map: Kino is far easier. Not because the enemies are more sociable or because the decoration is more peaceful. It’s primarily because it demands a totally different playstyle…running rather than digging yourself in.

TIP 1:”Hot Wheels”. So the secret to this map is understanding how the zombies move (don’t you dare say with their legs), by that I mean realizing that you can lead them around the map in a big bloodstained line. Honestly. What you want to do is (once you’ve taken THIS route: 1st room – door on the top right – down the staircase into the chandelier/gun turret room/MP40 room – through to the backstage compartment – onto the stage…turn power on) from the stage, let them (zombies…duh) get close-ish to you then move towards the door leading to the alley (should be kept shut except for emergency escapes) then move to the back of the stage, and then run through the middle and off the stage and keep straight on….this is the beginning of the circuit.

Everyone I know who has gotten far uses this route. It works (if you use it correctly). What you want to do now, is follow the path you took to get to the stage (outlined above) and loop round over and over. The difficult bit is knowing when to turn and fire.  Zombies will be rushing after you constantly once you’ve shepherded them behind you, so you can’t afford to hesitate at the wrong moment.

When it boils down to it, it will work if you stop at any point on the loop to feed them some lead and/or explosive proteins, but make sure you don’t stop in the MP40 room as this is the point where they will start coming from the other side in force (normally you will only see one or two in front of you, with the majority scratching the floor at your heels). The basic idea is to turn around, fire a clip of bullets, then turn around and reload while continuing to lead them round. This formula works perfectly as long as you:

a)      Don’t stop for stuff (ammo is an exception because it’s quick)

b)      Don’t get stuck on random bits of stubborn furniture

c)       Get the other plays to come with you

There is the big catch; other players. Kino can be played through very systematically when you are alone, but when you team up with other people they will need to follow the loop with you otherwise it falls apart completely (they will start to swarm you from all directions again). Remember that you can always outpace a zombie without sprinting, so don’t panic when you see 50 odd dragging themselves after you. And don’t worry, the other tips are far more succinct.

TIP 2: “Bark Bark”. Those crazy fire puppies seem to be causing as many problems as the Doctor is on “5”, with people discovering that half their team needs reviving after getting hounded (see what I did there?) into a corner by the beasties, fortunately however the remedy is simple. All you need to do is to tell your buddies to run in circles around the dogs. That’s it, just strafe round them, shoot, and they won’t be able to bite you. Obviously if there is more than one picking on you then move into space, but generally it’s a safe trick. Note: after each dog round you receive a max ammo pickup.

TIP 3: ”Security”. The temptation is to always get the best two guns you possibly can from the box (note that the “winters howl” is replaced by the “thunder gun” on Kino so don’t waste cash trying to get it…the thunder gun is better anyway…insta kill widespread blast), PAP them and sit tight. I’m advising you to resist this temptation if you want to get further. Most of these over excited gun twitchers will run out of ammo after…ooh two rounds? At which point they have to rely on everyone else to protect their expensive ornaments. As frustrating as it seems, it is wise to only box/PAP one weapon, and keep a regular wall-gun as your other choice (MP40 recommended because it is powerful and it is on the suggested circuit).

TIP 4:”Trip to the zoo”. A neat little way of cutting down the number of zombies by a hefty chunk (which will be very welcome by the round 20 mark) is to use the teleporter on the stage to get up to the film room, and hurl grenades down at the crowd. For some bizarre reasons they gather there while you are up by the projector, so spam them while you have the chance. Also as a little side note: if you didn’t realize, when you get teleported into one of the secret rooms before it takes you downstairs again, there are film reels you can find and put in the projector to change what is showing on the main screen.

TIP 5: “Banker” In a few words, don’t activate the traps. They cause problems when you realize you want to go through them…. it means you are restricting the routes around the map and consequently making it easier for you to get swamped. The only way you can get through an active trap is if you have the juggernog (which you should do, for the record) but even then you get hurt. It’s not worth it.

TIP 6: “Mutant Monkey”. Those little crawling b******’s (not to be mistaken with player made crawlers) are the main problem enemies on Kino, because they sneak up on you while you’re chopping up the taller chaps, and then they explode in a poisonous cloud. F**** perfect. Unfortunately you will just have to keep an extra eye out for them (remember they climb down through the ceiling’s as well), but if you are devilish enough to finish them off with a KNIFE, then they won’t leave that green gas behind. A Bowie knife comes in handy for this at least, but otherwise try to kill the monkey’s off first.

TIP 7: “Saviour”. This one might have seemed obvious to some of you after reading about the ‘shepherding’ and the makeshift ‘circuit’ , but I’ll make a quick point of it just in case. If someone gets downed mid-round (frequently happens), tell them to crawl to an open part of the circuit and wait for you to come back around in your loop. If you control it correctly, you can run on ahead at the crucial moment (instead of waiting for the zombies to catch up) and give yourself a generous safety window in which to revive your mate. The loop can be picked up again at any time so if you do have to take a complete detour briefly, you CAN survive as long as the other players keep the circuit flowing (they will draw the majority of the zombies for a short while…but if you are apart from the group at the beginning of a new round they will come for you).

TIP 8:”Last Will”. I can’t stress this enough (not that it is stressful); don’t spend everything! So many people throw money away on stuff they don’t urgently need, (let’s face it, one round won’t hurt…ok it’s just unlikely) when they should always keep a safety net of cash to re-buy perks and/or weapons if they get downed. (Me and my friends set it at 4000 pts…enough for a juggernog and any weapon). Some argue that if they don’t spend all their money then they’ll die anyway, but I guess that’s just down to the order they buy stuff in.

That’s all we’ve got for now but we’ll update this (in the most coherent and useable fashion I can manage)’ pretend treatise’ with new stuff as it emerges. Like 1.0, please leave any golden pointers you think might make a difference in the comments section and let us know.

1.0 will still be used by folks so you can comment on either. Hope this helped a little bit.

UPDATE: 3.0 is now live and it’s all about Ascension