Today Is Your Last Chance To Buy Fallout 4’s Season Pass At The Original Price


If you’ve been hungering for more to do in Fallout 4 since conquering the Boston Wasteland, you might want to snap up the game’s season pass now. As of tomorrow, Bethesda will be hiking up the price of Fallout 4‘s season pass from $30 to $50, a decision that’s been made because of the “increased value” of it.

Despite releasing some – albeit slim – details on three of the DLC packs headed to the game as part of the pass, gamers are still largely in the dark about how much new content the pass as a whole will actually introduce into the vanilla experience.

As of now, we only have confirmation of three DLC packs. Automatron (pictured above) adds a new companion, and the ability to customize and apply different parts and color schemes to your new robotic friend. Wasteland Workshop, another micro-DLC pack, enables the Solve Survivor to create new items including traps – as a means to tame the game’s fiercest beasts, including Deathclaws.

Finally, Far Harbor is the biggie – adding an entirely new game area and a story involving a suspicious case lead obtained by detective Nick Valentine.

Outside of the premium content, Bethesda have promised that Fallout 4 will be continually supported with free updates in addition to paid DLC.

Tell us, are you willing to drop $50, or even $30 on Fallout 4‘s season pass purely on the basis of what we’ve seen so far? Sound off below!

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