A Ton Of New Apex Legends Character Skins Have Leaked

Apex Legends Wattson

Hard to believe, isn’t it, that Apex Legends used to receive heavy criticism for its lack of sought-after cosmetics?

Back in March, when Respawn first debuted the battle royale’s premium Battle Pass, fans berated the developer to no end in regards to its uninspired weapon and character skins. In the weeks and months since then, the studio has clearly taken that feedback to heart. Starting with Season 2: Battle Charge and expanded upon with several limited-time events, Kings Canyon regulars now have access to a plethora of slick outfits with which to customize their favourite heroes.

The method of delivery still isn’t perfect, of course, what with last month’s Iron Crown Collection cosmetics causing a storm of controversy, but on the whole, this is a much-preferred direction compared to Apex Legends‘ early days. But of course, players can never have enough wardrobe options to choose from and thankfully, a host of new threads look to be on their way in-game in the near future, and you can check them out over on Reddit via the link below.

So, how will players go about unlocking each of the new skins? As of now, none are currently available in-game, though some fans have been quick to point out that several are likely obtained either through promotions or subscriptions. Mirage’s new look, in particular, is expected to be the final skin distributed to Twitch Prime members, bringing the months-long campaign – which included new skins for the likes of Octane and Wattson – to an end.

Speaking of the Static Defender, Wattson, Lifeline and Bloodhound’s weird and wacky new costumes are largely expected to be included with Apex Legends‘ upcoming retail release. Leaked documents obtained from a GameStop conference earlier this month have indicated that a physical edition is imminent, too, and you can see here for all the details.