New Twitch Prime Skin For Apex Legends’ Octane Leaked


Apex Legends Season 1 had a lot of issues, to say the least. Performance woes, rampant cheating and a laundry list of bugs consistently denied players from enjoying their time in Kings Canyon. But even when gameplay miraculously worked as intended, what else awaited them at the end of any given match but unrewarding progression? Respawn missed the mark with its initial round of cosmetic rewards for Wild Frontier, a shortfall it would make sure not to repeat again in the future.

The future is now, of course, what with Season 2: Battle Charge now live in-game across all platforms and while some issues still persist, its contents have been received in a vastly more positive light than what came before. Even prior to its arrival earlier this month, the first details revealed at E3 showcased several incredible character and weapon skins players would have the opportunity to unlock through play. Caustic’s medieval-themed costume is a particular highlight, for sure.

And so it is with strong momentum that Respawn intends to continue as it started, adding not just more and better customization options but additional avenues in which to obtain them. In continuing its partnership with Twitch a few months back with an exclusive Pathfinder skin, both parties have teamed up to once again offer several exclusive skins for Twitch Prime members. The first of those is available now for Wattson and replaces her standard jumpsuit with one patterned with unicorns but who’s next?

Well, if recent leaks are any indication, it’s Octane, and you can check out the images showing off the speedy hero’s new look below.

Somewhat humorously, the premature outing comes via an in-game glitch spotted by Reddit user bayssa. As noted in their post, the snafu occurred when moving their cursor over the character in Apex Legends‘ select screen before promptly reverting back to normal. Without higher quality images it’s hard to discern the finer details of Octane’s latest wardrobe change, but fans have already noted some new ink on his left arm, replacing the standard “Plus Ultra.” What’s more, a series of Japanese characters appear to run down the centre of the warrior’s mask.

No start date for Apex Legends‘ latest Twitch Prime promotion has been announced just yet, but we’ll be keeping an eye out. In the meantime, let us know in the comments below what you think of Octane’s new threads.

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