8 Epic Video Game Twists You Never Saw Coming

A good a fork in the tale is an art form. It’s that ah-ha moment in which those breadcrumbs finally form a concrete trail and the evidence makes sense. It’s a shock grounded in the realms of plausibility and it’s even better when you didn’t see it coming.

How can we forget the famous twists of cinema, like Kevin Spacey’s reveal in The Usual Suspects, or the moment we realize Teddy Andrews isn’t investigating a case of disappearance on Shutter Island, but is in fact embroiled in something much deeper? Or how about Agatha Christie’s classic plot twist in her famous novel, And Then There Were None? A good twist changes the prism through which the work is viewed and the good news is that video games have their own surprises in store for us.

From the minds of Ken Levine, Swery65, Raphael Colantonio and more, we present 8 video game twists that you probably never saw coming. And we’ve made every effort best to look past the usual contenders (Red Dead Redemption, Metroid and Silent Hill all come to mind) to compile something just a little bit different.

Needless to say, there are major spoilers inside, so tread with caution and be sure to sound off in the comments section as well with your own favorite twists.