Top Apex Legends Streamer Says Custom Matches Are A Must-Have

Apex Legends

By now, the wish list of features, fixes, gameplay additions and everything in-between for Apex Legends has grown to such an extent that Respawn must be struggling to decide where to start. Having been forced into postponing the development of such frequently requested additions, thanks to an egregious cheating problem following launch, requests put in by the legitimate portion of Apex‘s player base have had to be put on the backburner.

That issue has since been resolved, of course, and while the dreaded content drought remains in effect, sweeping changes to Kings Canyon finally look ready to arrive. To coincide with E3 next month, publisher EA will unveil the new content planned to drop as part of Season 2. For many, top of the most-wanted list will undoubtedly be new characters, maps and/or weapons to play with, but in the sphere of competitive gaming? Wants and desires differ drastically.

In a recent stream, former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro player Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek had his own thoughts to share on the topic.

“I truly believe when there’s custom games in Apex, it’s going to f**cking fly,” he exclaims, adding that “It’ll be so fun to play that game with a full 20-squad with good rulesets.” For context, the only option currently available to competitive-minded Apex players is that of indirect challenges. As no matchmaking system currently exists in-game, squads looking to showcase their skill must do so by comparing stats from individual matches. A less than ideal scenario, obviously, but it remains unclear just how Respawn plans to address the situation.

The studio has discussed the addition of solo and duo modes in the past, but custom matches, as a feature likely only to be used in tournament play, would go unused by the wider player base. Such is the double-edged nature of Apex Legends‘ mass appeal that it has to account for wildly varying tastes.

Either way, we hope to hear more next month. Stay tuned.