TowerFall: Ascension Is Coming To Xbox One

towerfall ascension

After a rather staggered release schedule, developer Matt Thorson has announced that the critically acclaimed TowerFall: Ascension is finally making its way to the Xbox One.

As announced via his own Twitter page, Thorson is working on releasing both TowerFall: Ascension and its add-on expansion, Dark World. At this time, there is no release date on the books, but Thorson mentions that it’s currently playable on Microsoft’s hardware.

For those who don’t remember, TowerFall originally released back in June 2013, exclusively on the Ouya microconsole, which ran a modified fork of the popular Android operating system. Eventually, the game was ported to Windows PCs and PlayStation 4 in March of 2014, under the new title, Towerfall: Ascension.

A few months later, Linux and Mac versions were made available, and oddly enough, a port for the PlayStation Vita released late last year. The Dark World expansion, which adds a multiplayer campaign mode, also released last year.

On top of the upcoming launch on Xbox One, Thorson has also dropped TowerFall 8-PlayerThis official mod of the core game allows for even more frantic multiplayer, as eight players can play simultaneously. This developer mod is not an add-on to the original game though; instead, players can purchase this version separately, which strips away any single-player/campaign modes.

To balance this out, TowerFall 8-Player is retailing for less. It’s now available on Windows systems for $8.88, compared to the full game, which retails for $14.99. For those looking to pick this version up, Thorson recommends the use of a USB adapter or hub, in order to hook up the requisite amount of controllers or gamepads needed.