Trailer For Apex Legends’ New Season Introduces A Titanfall Character

Ash Apex Legends

The trailer for Apex Legends 11th season is here, bringing a new tropical environment that’s teeming with monsters and a look at new Legend Ash. The launch trailer shows several of the game’s characters landing on a scenic beach hoping for some R&R. Sadly for them, this isn’t that type of game, and all too soon they’re being menaced by a Prowler and stalked by the latest cool new character.

This is Ash, who made her debut as an enemy pilot in Respawn’s excellent 2016 game Titanfall 2 and subsequently became the announcer for Apex Legends Arena mode. She’s now graduating to a full-fledged legend and will be available soon.

Right now we don’t have an official confirmation of her abilities, but the trailer showcases an agile and cunning ninja-like opponent. I’m betting there’ll be some use of her sword, perhaps her own powered-up take on the Arc Star, and some kind of portal technology to get the jump on other players.

Despite looking like an emotionless killer robot, Ash was once human. In another life she was Dr. Ashleigh Reid, who secretly teamed up with the Apex Predators and attempted to betray them. She was stabbed and left for dead and her final request to be uploaded into a robotic simulacrum, with her human face turned into a “death mask” for her new body.

Since then she’s renowned for her cold heart and lack of empathy, considering her opponents as little more than toys in service of her goal. Judging by this trailer, not much has changed over her journey to Apex Legends.

I’m sure we’ll get a breakdown of how she plays soon, as Ash will hit Apex Legends along with its eleventh season on Nov. 2.