Treyarch Gearing Up For Call Of Duty Zombies Reveal Tomorrow



There’s an oft-used adage that states that in order to appreciate how far you’ve come, you must first look back to the point in which that first step was made. For Call of Duty‘s beloved Zombies Mode, that genesis can be traced back to Treyarch’s World at War back in 2008. Now, almost seven years later, what was one a bonus end-game mode has spawned an entire sub-franchise, and at tomorrow’s DICE summit in Nevada, the studio is set to reveal its immediate future.

That’s according to Treyarch’s official Twitter feed, which has been teasing a countdown to “Zero Hour” over the past few days all in preparation for some form of announcement.

At this point we can only speculate about this new development for the series. Traditionally speaking, Activision has withheld mainline announcements to May, so it could well be the Treyarch’s Call of Duty Zombies announcement is in relation to a spinoff series in some form. After all, Treyarch was the developer to introduce the world to the survival mode in the first place, a foundation upon which other studios have iterated on (see: Sledgehammer Games with Advanced Warfare), so it’ll be fascinating to see where the sub-franchise is headed next.

Taking place from February 3 to February 5, the annual DICE summit (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) brings video game developers from around the world to Las Vegas, Nevada. During the course of the business-centric event, it’s often the case the publisher strike up deals with studios to push ahead with one property or another, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated about any new developments as more information appears.

Tell us, what do you think Treyarch is teasing about Call of Duty‘s Zombies Mode? Indeed do you think the survival-based mode is big enough to warrant its own spinoff? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Twitter

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