Trials Fusion Will Get Online Multiplayer “In The Months After Launch”


In his recent review of Trials Fusion, our very own Jacob Davis had quite a lot to say as far as positive aspects go, but he did point out one major unfortunate omission, that being the side-scrolling motorbike racer’s utter lack of online multiplayer. While the last title in the series, Trials Evolution, sported simultaneous four-player competitive races, that mode is restricted to local play only in the follow-up.

As it turns out, series developer RedLynx has a concrete reason for axing this aspect in Fusion. A spokesperson recently clarified the situation, saying that, “online multiplayer wasn’t [a popular] feature among players.” It’s not all bad news, though, as they added that, “instead of bringing back the same feature, the team decided to take the time to create a new, more robust online multiplayer experience that will be released as a free game update in the months after launch.”

Additional details on what exactly this new multiplayer mode will contain to differentiate itself from before were not given, but it’s nice to know that RedLynx has chosen to improve the experience instead of abandoning it entirely. It’s already been previously confirmed that several downloadable level add-ons will be released for the game up through May 2015, so there’s a good possibility that online play will be released alongside one of them. Whatever this new mode turns out to be, and whenever it becomes available, it will be interesting to see just how the developer chooses to revamp the overall structure of it.

We will continue to keep you updated on news regarding Trials Fusion as it drops. For now though, tell us, are you upset that online racing will be unavailable for some time, or did you not care for it much in the previous title?

Source: VentureBeat