Trinium Wars Reveals Its Warring Human Race With A New Trailer


Hanmaru Soft’s post-apocalyptic MMO Trinium Wars  received some information updates today, with a new trailer focusing on one of its playable races. The “Humans” trailer reveals the nature and backstory of one of the two warring factions in the upcoming sci-fi game, and gave an indication as to how well-armed they’ll be during the conflict.

In Trinium Wars, humans fled earth a long time ago in the wake of an impending, disastrous war. Now, they return to find it overrun by a race of mutants who have been altered as a result of the nuclear fallout in that very same war. The humans are here to take back their planet, and try to claim as much of the precious Trinium resource as they can before the invading alien race, the Narc, get it all.

The game, which is being developed by Diablo 3‘s lead artist Jang Wook Lee, is set to be a fairly classic RPG-style MMO set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland that is its war-torn earth. Looking at the new trailer – which you can check out at the head of the page – there’s a very Borderlands-esque visual style to Trinium Wars; its human characters even seem to behave with a similarly carefree panache.

Trinium Wars is set to arrive on Steam sometime during the middle of 2016.

Source: Hanmaru Soft

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