Tron Run/r Pushes Xbox One Release Back By A Fortnight


While its PlayStation 4 and PC counterparts released on schedule today, Tron Run/r‘s Xbox One edition has been unexpectedly delayed by two weeks. The game’s listing at the Xbox store now lists its release date as being March 1st, but no explicit reason for the change has been revealed.

The game, which is described as an “action adventure runner,” was originally thought to be heading for PC only until an announcement in late January confirmed the two console versions. At that time, it was expected that both Xbox One and PS4 counterparts would arrive simultaneously.

Tron Run/r will send players back into the world of TRON for a runner style game packed with all of the deadly combat of the movies. Players will be able to customize their runner and their loadout with a number of alternative options and you can hone DISC and CYCLE skills over 32 in-game levels.

Tron Run/r also features online leaderboards so you can challenge your friends in a twisted survival mode with randomized competitions. The game is available now for PC and PS4, with the Xbox One version now expected to arrive on March 1st.

Source: Euro Gamer

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