Turtle Rock Teases Evolve’s Third Monster With Obscure Image


Turtle Rock Studios appear to be gearing up to unveil the third playable monster from its upcoming shooter Evolve, after a member of the development team took to Twitter to showcase a blurry image that purportedly confirms the unknown behemoth.

All signs indicate that the monstrosity will indeed be called Wraith, joining the game’s roster of beasts that include the already confirmed Goliath and the more stealth-based Kraken.

Here’s that nebulous Tweet in question:

Upon further inspection — getting as close to the screen as possible, basically — our best judgement pegs Evolve‘s third monster as an airborne, pterodactyl-styled nemesis. It appears as though there’s a skeletal wing arching over its body, along with a pretty lengthy tail causing destruction in the vicinity, but it’s still difficult to make out.

Wraith is by no means the final monster that will make an appearance in Turtle Rock’s multiplayer shooter, though, as the developer recently sent out a community message asking players to choose a name for the fourth creature — fans had the choice between Titan, Colossus, Behemoth and Juggernaut. From the teaser image, it looks certain that the fourth monster will indeed be a hulking, terrestrial foe, lending credence to Wraith having the ability to take to the skies at any given moment. Yikes!

Evolve is fast approaching its February release window, when it will roar onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Although we are sure to learn more about Turtle Rock’s title, and its colorful cast of monsters, sooner rather than later.