Turtle Rock’s Evolve Now A “Key Long-Term Franchise” For Take-Two


Arriving onto the scene with an appropriately monstrous amount of hype, Turtle Rock’s 4 vs. 1 shooter Evolve was met with good, but not quite great reviews. Nevertheless, according to publisher Take-Two, the new IP performed above expectations and is now considered to be a “key, long-term franchise” at the company.

In a statement, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick confirmed that consumer response to the title’s post-launch DLC has also been notable, and that Evolve’s multiplayer segment still enjoys a healthy amount of traffic months after launch. Subsequently, the future appears to be bright for Turtle Rock’s hulking new kid on the block.

In February, 2K and Turtle Rock Studios released our highly anticipated new intellectual property Evolve. The title launched to positive reviews from influential critics such as IGN and Game Informer and has performed above our expectations with sell in to-date of approximately 2.5 million units, nearly 20% of which were digitally delivered.

Consumers remain highly engaged with Evolve, playing more than 27 million game sessions since March. Moreover revenues have benefited from strong consumer demand for the title downloadable add-on content, including a Season Pass. We expect Evolve to be a key long-term franchise for 2K.

While it was a ways away from perfect, Evolve showed palpable signs of potential. Powered by Crytek’s high-end game engine, the jungle environments were literally a world away from the dreary locales commonly associated with a multiplayer shooter. Couple this with the intriguing team-versus-monster dynamic and there’s certainly room for Turtle Rock to build the IP into a bona fide series.

Evolve‘s future looks to be all but secure at Take-Two, but what which direction would you like to see the budding franchise go?