Amazon Makes New Game Free For All Twitch Prime Members


The latest free game available to all Twitch Prime members has just been made available, though you’ve probably never heard of it. Despite it generating ample buzz leading up to release due to some eye-catching visuals and a unique gameplay hook, Tokyo-based studio Friend & Foe’s Vane received little fanfare when it quietly slipped onto Sony’s PlayStation Store and Steam last year.

Clearly inspired by acclaimed indie adventures such as Journey and Inside, Vane takes place in a ruined desert, home to a free-spirited bird transformed into human form by a “strange golden dust.” Players are able to switch between the unnamed entity’s avian and human forms in order to forge a path through Vane‘s world and uncover its secrets, directly affecting the surrounding environment in the process.

vane apex legends

If that sounds exactly like what you’re looking for, Vane is available to download for free from now until August 7th, whereupon you’ll be required to front the usual $20 asking price. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something different, Twitch Prime is currently giving away seven games, including classic FPS Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. The full list and dates of availability is as follows:

  • Vane – July 10th – Aug 7th
  • Mad Tracks – June 19th – July 17th
  • Dear Esther: Landmark Edition – July 1st – Aug 3rd
  • Dark Devotion – July 1st – Aug 3rd
  • Turok 2: Seeds of Evil – July 1st – Aug 3rd
  • Reus – June 26th – July 24th
  • GRIP: Combat Racing – July 1st – Aug 3rd

As usual, be sure to let us know which of the above you’ve been playing over the last few days and whether you’ll be taking advantage of Vane‘s addition in the usual place below!