Top Streamer Rages At Apex Legends For Handholding Casual Players

Apex Legends

Similarly to its contemporaries, Apex Legends has a bustling competitive scene populated with remarkable talent. Tournaments that award thousands of dollars to top teams around the globe are proof enough of that, but therein lies a fundamental problem. Respawn’s battle royale has an incredibly high skill ceiling, one that will only ever be reached by a fraction of the player base. Sitting directly below that small number of top-tier champions is a vast array of different divisions overflowing with competitors of varying talent.

That being the case, developers often attempt to bridge the gap between the best and worst by introducing elements that, for want of a better term, artificially boost the ability of casual audiences. Fortnite developer Epic Games, for example, leaned on that process as justification for it introducing Season X’s despised B.R.U.T.E vehicle. Despite the overwhelmingly negative reception it received for being overpowered and requiring little skill to use, the developer was reluctant to remove the mech as it successfully allowed new players to get a taste of victory.

According to Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect, however, Apex Legends is just as guilty for handholding casual audiences and he’s had enough. Having been knocked out of a match by a player using the shooter’s Triple Take sniper rifle, the broadcaster went into a full-blown rant.

Referring to those that use the weapon, Dr Disrespect says: “It’s training wheels for snipers. That’s what it is. The Triple Take — put a couple of little wheels on the side right, play some baby music through a walkie-talkie… that’s what it is. It’s pathetic. Anything to let the little deer feed as well. There’s sheep, and then there’s wolves. And somehow, someway when developing these games, they just love to cater to little sheep.”

There’s certainly an important point of discussion to be gleaned from the bizarre analogy – that an all-inclusive approach to game design diminishes individual player skill – but ultimately, games such as Apex Legends live or die on player numbers. Without new blood constantly flowing in, stagnation would inevitably set in.

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