Personalize Your Xbox One With These Two Fancy New Controllers


Xbox’s Major Nelson has a special treat for all North American Xbox One owners. Starting from today, the Dusk Shadow and Copper Shadow Xbox One controllers are available to pre-order, and as you might suspect, they’re only going to be available from certain retailers.

The Dusk Shadow variant (left) can be pre-ordered from Microsoft’s own store or, for a limited time, from U.S. retailer Best Buy. Similarly, the Copper Shadow gamepad will be available at GameStop instead of Best Buy.

As part of the reveal on his blog, Nelson said the following:

“We’re always listening to our fans at Xbox and are committed to providing a range of controller options for gamers, as we know they value choice. You’ve already seen our modern camouflage-patterned, military-inspired series of controllers – Covert Forces, Armed Forces, and Midnight Forces. Today we are pleased to announce a new Special Edition shadow design series for Xbox One Wireless Controllers: Dusk Shadow and Copper Shadow.”

Besides being available in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil will also be getting stock of both towards the end of March and cost $69.99. April will see them roll out to “other select regions worldwide.”

Besides the new paint job, the special editions don’t come equipped with any new or upgrade features over the standard gamepad, so don’t worry too much if they don’t come to your shores.

If you like the sleek look of either Xbox One pad but don’t feel like shelling out the cash to get one, you can enter a competition to be in with a chance to get one for free. You can head through to Nelson’s blog for details on how to enter.