Ubisoft Enters VR Gaming With Werewolves Within


Ubisoft’s gotten in on the virtual reality hype by announcing Werewolves Within, a VR party game that’s all about the power of deduction. Revealed by way of a video posted on Ubisoft’s YouTube account, Werewolves Within aims to capture the same entertainment value of playing tabletop games with a group of friends.

Apparently coming to all “major VR platforms” (PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, probably) around Fall 2016, the VR-only title is set in Gallowston, a cartoonish – but spooky – village that places up to eight players around a camp fire as they try and discern which among them is a werewolf in disguise.

Ubisoft says all roles will be randomized for each match, with certain abilities going to each assigned role. Additionally, facial recognition technology will enable the headset to replicate the act of speech; your character will open his/her/its mouth when you do.

Red Storm Entertainment’s senior creative director David Votypka hopes that Werewolves Within will enable people to enjoy the same social aspect of party games no matter how far away from their friends they may be.

VR is proving to be an amazing platform for social interaction, moving toward truly feeling like you are there with other people. Werewolves Within gives players a taste of how VR can generate strong social connections, allowing you to get together to have a great time with others no matter how near or far they are.

Is Werewolves Within exactly the type of game you’ve been hoping to see appear on virtual reality technology, or are you waiting to see something else entirely? Horror, action, adventure? Let us know your hopes for VR in the comments below.