Ubisoft Talks About The Division’s Skills System


Ubisoft and the team at Massive Entertainment have shed some light this week on The Division and its progression system. The upcoming online shooter allows for players to choose skills for their character in order to fit various roles, such as a group medic to support your squad or a tank to draw and soak up enemy fire.

These skills are entirely refundable too, allowing for users to change their playstyles on the fly. In this way, The Division doesn’t have any set character classes and encourages players to experiment and test out every possible combination.

In addition, the ambitious game also allows people who own a tablet to help support their friend’s squad by controlling a flying drone. The small floating aircraft itself has its own leveling system and allows for users to perform a large variety of helpful tasks, such as giving health and damage boosts to teammates, mark enemies and even call in missile strikes. As it stands, it’s unclear if squads with tablet users will have an unfair advantage against those who don’t. Regardless, it’s an interesting dynamic to mix the normally separate lines between consoles and tablets.

The Division takes place in a devastated New York three weeks after a chemical attack. The city is in complete anarchy and as such a secret government agency known as the Division is called to bring back order. Armed with advanced weaponry, you and your squad will explore the Big Apple. This entirely multiplayer game set in the Tom Clancy universe and blends cooperative and competitive multiplayer.

While no release date has been given, we’ll keep you updated with news about this ambitious game as soon as we hear.