Ubisoft Toronto Contributing To Five Unannounced Titles


It’s one thing to have a secret project in the works, but five? That seems to be the case with Ubisoft Toronto, according to comments from Studio Manager Jade Raymond.

Raymond spoke at South By Southwest, revealing that two of the games in question are being co-developed with other studios, while the remaining three are the work of the Toronto studio alone.

There are definitely a lot of plates spinning. None of them have been announced.

Not exactly a concrete answer, but at least we know games are being made. We do have previous confirmation that Ubisoft Toronto is helping out with the next Rainbow Six entry, subtitled Patriots, but outside of that the mystery titles are anyone’s guess. I’m secretly cheering for a true Prince of Persia revival… or perhaps Michel Ancel has infiltrated the Toronto studio and is contracting its help to finish Beyond Good and Evil 2. I kind of doubt it.

When asked about where Ubisoft stands on movie tie-ins for its games, Raymond gave a great answer:

Our business is making games, so we have to make sure we’re making good games, first and foremost. I don’t think we can think out the gate, ‘How is this going to be a good movie?’ I don’t know anything about movies. I’ve never made a movie in my life.

Focusing on great games; as it should be. Though I’m quite curious as to what Ubisoft Toronto has in store, I’m content to wait. As long as I don’t have to wait beyond E3, that is.

Source: IGN