New Star Wars Game Will Reportedly Be Revealed On June 9th


It’s looking likely that an unannounced Star Wars video game, codenamed Project Maverick, will be officially unveiled on June 9th. Specifically, this intel comes by way of a new report from a prominent Star Wars leaker who claims that the much rumoured Project Maverick will be revealed by Electronic Arts and EA Motive this Tuesday.

The leaker, who goes by the name of Bespin Bulletin, is known to be an accurate source of insider information about games set in that galaxy far, far away. And according to the trusted industry insider, Project Maverick could be a prominent title that may play a part in Sony’s PS5 reveal event.

Of course, the PS5 reveal was delayed by Sony in a bid to show support for the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests that are taking place around the world following the tragedy that befell George Floyd. Interestingly, Sony’s PS5 announcement to delay its impending reveal event to “stand back and allow more important voices to be heard” was met with a huge amount of positive support from Twitter. Indeed, the tweet has even gone on to become the most-liked gaming tweet of all-time.

As a result of the delay, it’s probable that Project Maverick will be getting its own reveal this Tuesday, with more to come at Sony’s postponed reveal event later this month. That being said, things like this are always subject to change, so we’d suggest to take the intel with a grain of salt.

For those unaware, this isn’t the first time that we’ve heard about the unannounced Star Wars project. In fact, thanks to an image pertaining to a leaked PlayStation Network listing – which featured the Star Wars: Project Maverick red and black logo emblazoned on top of the series’ iconic Star Destroyer – we’ve known about the unannounced title since March of this year.

But tell us, are you looking forward to a brand new Star Wars video game? And what kind of title would you like it to be? Let us know in the usual place below.