Uncharted 3 Breaking Boundaries

An update regarding Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Two new screen shots and the cover art have been released! Not only that, PS Blog has revealed several details about the game we’ve been waiting to hear.

We’re going to see much bigger areas of play, along with a much more action packed adventure, in Naughty Dog’s usual movie like quality. It’s been said that we’ll see a more expansive and fleshed out multiplayer, than in prior titles in the form of both competitive and cooperative game modes.

Nathan Drake’s arsenal of both gun slinging and hand-to-hand combat skills also receive a much due upgrade. It’s said Drake will now be able to combat multiple foes at once with his new melee prowess, ths will be accompanied by a much more in-depth range of gunplay. We’re also told new stealth options will be implemented most likely in similar form of the metal gear solid series.

Naughty Dog once again plan to be innovators in the form of visuals, by fine tuning their already great graphic and effects. Promises of a new physics system, as well as, environmental effects in the form of sand,fire/smoke, and of course water. Even after all these attractive aspects are thrown at us, they move further along to announce the game will be playable in “Stereoscopic 3D”. Now, I’m not even going to pretend I know what that is, but it sounds impressive.