Uncharted 4 Director Warns Of Spoilers Leaking Before Release, “Big Surprises” In Store


Two weeks out from launch, Uncharted 4 Creative Director Neil Druckmann has warned fans of the series to “stay vigilant” over the coming days, in the chance that story spoilers appear online before the sequel’s May 10 due date.

Perhaps in a response to news that Amazon UK and high-street retailer CEX had broken street date, Druckmann took to Twitter to reveal that leaks will become “harder and harder to control” as A Thief’s End inches closer to launch, particularly now that a handful of users have gotten their hands on the finished product.

In a last-ditch attempt to safeguard the “big surprises in store,” the Naughty Dog executive raised the red flag via Twitter.

What lends an extra sense of dramatic weight to Uncharted 4‘s launch is just how much the studio has emphasized that A Thief’s End is all but set to conclude Nathan Drake’s globetrotting adventure. Indeed, yesterday’s eye-popping story trailer revealed that it is the arrival of Sam – Nate’s older brother, voiced by Troy Baker – that yanks Drake out of normality and back into the life of a wisecracking treasure hunter. For one final time, it seems.

Great things from small beginnings: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will officially arrive for PlayStation 4 on May 10. Are you ready for Nathan Drake’s imminent swan song?