Uncovered Trophies Reveal Heaps Of DiRT 3 DLC

According to the website PS3 Trophies, DiRT 3 is going to have a ton of DLC released for it in the future. The trophy hunting website posted a list of new trophies that are set to be added to the PlayStation 3 version of the Codemasters game, sometime in the future.

Not only does it include the names of the trophies and their metallic types, but the new list also outs the titles of four different downloadable content packs set to release for the game. Each one is set to include four new trophies.

The titles of the new DLC packs include two track packs (Monte Carlo and X-Games,) as well as two separate car packs (Mud and Guts plus Power and Glory.)

PlayStation 3 trophy lists tend to almost always be the same as XBOX 360 achievement lists (other than their award, of course.) Due to that reason, this list should be universal for both console versions of the fast-paced, high-intensity rally racer.