Unit 13 Shoots Onto Vita March 6th

And I thought that the PS Vita couldn’t get any more awesome. Zipper Interactive, developers of MAG and the long-running SOCOM series, have announced that their miniature shooter will be released for the Vita on March 6, about two weeks after the new handheld is released. Fans of both games mentioned above should have plenty to look forward to, as Unit 13 is looking to be quite similar.

Featuring a fancy over-the-shoulder view, Unit 13 is set to show off some of the new technology the Vita is packing. Hopefully Zipper will be able to do something creative with the touch screen, or at least include the back touch pad into the game. In case you forgot, it was a pretty bold move for Zipper to make a multiplayer-only game, but MAG was actually pretty great. SOCOM has also been a consistently good series of games that continues to build on past iterations.

Are you excited for Unit 13? What other launch titles will hold you over until we get our hands on this handsome pocket sized shooter? Let us know in the comments below!