How To Unlock Resident Evil 2’s Leon And Claire Skins In Monster Hunter World


Raccoon City residents are no longer the only unfortunate souls forced to deal with the Umbrella Corporation’s barbaric creations.

As announced last week, Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 crossover event for Monster Hunter World is now live across all platforms, bringing with it not just lucrative new rewards, but a raft of zombie-themed gameplay features, too. All of the new content is self-contained and presented neatly in the form of a special event quest, RE: Return of the Bioweapon. New World explorers hoping to get their hands on some swish new armor sets will, as always, need to skin and carve their way through the monsters in this limited-time quest in order obtain the necessary crafting materials.

Continue through the break below for a full rundown of how the event works.

First and foremost, you’ll need to own Monster Hunter World‘s recently released Iceborne expansion. Only via having access to the add-on’s Master Rank difficulty (rank 20 is the minimum requirement) will the aforementioned event quest become available.

Once the hunt begins, players will need to slay a Blackveil Vaal Hazak in its usual habitat, Rotten Vale. Sounds simple enough, of course, but this wouldn’t be much of a crossover if there weren’t a few suitably-themed Resident Evil modifiers thrown in for good measure. Chief of these is the ‘Zombiefication’ debuff. Succumb to the status effect and you’ll be reduced to little more than a walking corpse, able only to shamble around and converse via moans and groans.

Not an ideal affliction when coming face to face with an Elder Dragon, obviously, but fear not – there’s a herbal remedy that’ll clear that infection right up. As a cute nod to Resident Evil 2, Green and Red Herbs found during the mission can be chomped on to remove the Zombification status. Combine both types together before dining for an instant full heal.

With the basics of survival down, one need simply defeat Vaal Hazak and harvest its corpse as with any normal hunt. Instead of the usual materials, however, you’ll receive a varying number of S.T.A.R.S. Badges. Take these back to the Smithy in town and you’ll be able to craft your very own Leon α and Claire α Layered Armor sets.

You have until December 5th to obtain all the rewards on offer. Good luck, Hunters!