[Updated] ESRB Listing Outs Dance Central: Spotlight For Xbox One Ahead Of Schedule


Update: Microsoft has confirmed that Dance Central: Spotlight is indeed in development, and that the download-only title will launch exclusively for Xbox One this September.

As we patiently await Microsoft’s E3 press conference, information relating to a new Xbox One Harmonix title has slipped through the net. According to an ESRB listing, the studio’s next Kinect-oriented title will be called Dance Central: Spotlight.

Though details are currently scarce on the dancefloor, the post alludes to a familiar blend of rhythm-based gameplay inherent in the studio’s trio of Dance Central games. Moreover, the ratings board also unveiled that Dance Central: Spotlight will be supported through future DLC in the form of additional songs and tracks.

In terms of the rating itself, though, the ESRB has given the game a ‘Teen’ classification, citing songs with mildly suggestive lyrics and references to drug use. Crucially, Dance Central: Spotlight is currently listed exclusively for Xbox One; although whether Harmonix wants to cater to the sizeable install base of the Xbox 360 through a supplementary Dance Central title remains to be seen.

Without doubt, Microsoft isn’t likely to dwell on the Kinect peripheral for too long following the recent to decision to unbundle the divisive motion sensor from each and every Xbox One. Nevertheless, judging by this ESRB post, Dance Central: Spotlight may be one of the few titles to make the cut. And hey, the company could even have a VIP guest lined up to introduce the title in the vein of Usher’s performance for Dance Central 3 back in 2012.

Microsoft will look to get the wheels in motion later today with its inaugural press conference, which will go live at 9am, Pacific Time. We’ll have the skinny on everything the company announces (and indeed unannounces) for you right here on We Got This Covered.

Source: ESRB