Evil Ryu And Oni Akuma Added to SSF4 Arcade Edition; New Videos and Images

Arcade cabinets around North America for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition have been secretly updated this weekend with two new fighters that have been buzzing around the rumor mill for some time now. Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma have been added to the roster.

Evil Ryu first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 2 and looks and acts very much like Akuma in his SSF4 iteration except with a gaping hole in his chest and a flaming aura. He also seems to have acquired some of Akuma’s moveset such as his flaming fireball (without EX) and dive kick, although the latter of which could just be an axe-kick as it’s hard to tell from the low-quality footage.

Oni Akuma, also known as Shin Akuma and is simply called Oni in SSF4, first appeared as a secret boss in Super Street Fighter II Turbo and reprises his role as a secret boss in SSF4 Arcade Edition. Oni actually looks a lot like Gouken but with a glowing blue aura. It looks like he also has some new moves such as an air dash and a forward teleport that hits the opponent as he passes.

At the moment, there have been no announced plans to bring these characters to the console versions as DLC, however last year’s leaked images of eight new achievements say otherwise.

Check out some new screens of the character select screen as well as some off-screen footage of Evil Ryu vs. Oni, courtesy of Shoryuken and tonycrust respectively.

UPDATE: Sorry folks the videos were removed due to a copyright claim by Capcom.