Visceral Games Gunning For “Authentic” Experience With New Star Wars Game


Visceral Games, the studio best known for hatching a modern horror classic in the Dead Space series, currently has all hands on deck in anticipation of its all-new Star Wars title.

Beyond some tantalizing concept art, there’s really not an awful lot we know about Visceral’s entry into this most prestigious universe, and considering that EA has slated the third-person title for release some time in 2018, that’s a scarcity that is unlikely to chance anytime soon.

Nevertheless, Visceral’s Amy Hennig offered up some fleeting new tidbits while attending PAX West over the weekend. It was here that the former Naughty Dog Game Director revealed that the creative team is working “really closely” with Lucasfilm story team and leader Doug Chang, thereby allowing them to engineer an “authentic” Star Wars experience.

Per DualShockers:

“Authentic Star Wars can mean that we get the AT-ST right, right? And of course we have to do that too, but it’s all about the new stuff, the new characters, the new story, the new locations, the new creatures, the new tech,” Hennig teased. “All of this stuff that has to sit authentically alongside the Star Wars that we’re so familiar with.”

Referencing her time contributing to the Uncharted series, Hennig then teased the way in which the Star Wars universe handles its portrayal of villains.

“So I thought that some of the rules I had used making Uncharted no longer applied. In Uncharted or in Indiana Jones you actually kinda stick with Indie the whole time. There are times you cut away, but it’s always something that informs you on what he is doing, like Marion in the tent. In Star Wars you’re always cutting away to the bad guys, and seeing what they’re doing: ‘Meanwhile, back at the villain ranch…'”

A direct sequel to Star Wars Battlefront has taken priority at Electronic Arts for now – one that will also come packing a full-fledged single-player campaign – but Visceral Games’ new Star Wars game has been tentatively pegged for launch at some point in 2018.

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