VR adventure ‘Horizon: Call of the Mountain’ announced by Sony

One of the newest PlayStation franchises, Horizon: Zero Dawn has gotten a plethora of announcements at State of Play, with the highlight being a brand new PlayStation VR2 game titled Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

In case you hadn’t already been fully immersed into the universe during the first game, or its recent sequel Forbidden West, you can now go into a full-on virtual reality experience of the Horizon world. Want to shoot a bow? Now you can with your virtual hands. Killing robot animals has never been more immersive.

The 90 second trailer showcased a new protagonist previously unseen in the franchise named Carja Ryas, and looks to be based perhaps around the Grand Canyon. The bow combat looks similar to what we’ve seen Aloy get around in previous games, while there’s some new mechanical beasts for the player to conquer.

The State of Play announcement also saw a new update for Horizon: Forbidden West, with a New Game Plus mode update confirmed, which is currently available to download. The update also includes several performance boosts, and general under the hood fixes.

Forbidden West has picked up positive reviews, with many tie-ins announced including a buildable LEGO longneck set currently available.

Call of the Mountain is confirmed for PlayStation VR2, but no release date has been set in stone for either the new console periphery, nor the game itself. Forbidden West is currently available to play on PlayStation 5, with recent confirmation the Sony original series may soon develop into a television series for Netflix.