Watch: New Apex Legends Trailer Reveals Pathfinder Edition, Available Now


Apex Legends fans looking to score themselves some new loot and in-game currency for cheaper than the usual asking price are in luck – a new Legend Edition is available for purchase now on all platforms and represents the same value for money as all previous bundles. This time around, it’s lovable robot Pathfinder that’s been thrust into the spotlight, sporting a new “Full Metal Robot” Legendary Skin. As if pulled straight from an 80s action movie, players are sure to get a kick out of the character’s new commando-inspired getup.

Alongside the above is a selection of other skins and trinkets, including the “First Blood” Havoc Rifle skin and a Gun Charm moulded in the shape of a Molotov Cocktail. You can check out the gallery and summary below for a closer look at what’s included in the box.

Pathfinder Edition Contents

  • Legendary “Full Metal Robot” Pathfinder skin
  • Legendary “First Blood” Havoc Rifle skin
  • Exclusive “Molotov Cocktail” Gun Charm
  • Exclusive “Lone Bot” Badge
  • 1,000 Apex Coins

With Legendary skins often fetching a $10 price tag in-game and 1,000 Apex Coins worth the same amount, you’re essentially making your money back on the $19.99 investment just on those two items alone, with the remaining three items to be considered bonus extras, if you will. A definite buy for Pathfinder fans, then, though given what’s befallen the character in Season 5, we imagine that number has shrunk considerably over the last week or so.

In an effort to better balance the battle royale’s existing roster, Respawn rolled out a heavy nerf to Pathfinder’s grapple ability with Fortune’s Favor, drastically reducing his manoeuvrability on the battlefield. For the developer’s reasoning on why it made the change, as well as others included with Apex Legends Season 5, see here for the full patch notes.