Watch Dogs Possibly Canceled For Wii U

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I hope you didn’t choose a Nintendo Wii U solely for your next generation console gaming experiences. If by some chance you did, well, I have some depressing news for you. According to a a Tweet from Emily Rogers, a blogger specializing in Nintendo, Ubisoft chose not to comment on the Wii U version of Watch Dogs. Even more startling is that when Emily asked if the version still exists, she again got a worrying reply of “No comment.”

You can read the tweets below:

I was in contact with Ubisoft this morning. They won’t comment on Wii U Watch_Dogs. Ubi Q3 results in Feb, hopefully we hear something then

I asked if the Wii U version still exists. Instead of a simple yes or no, they said they have no comment.

That sounds like a question with absolutely no reason to dodge. She didn’t ask if it was still getting a simultaneous release across all consoles, just if it still exists. It’s a simple yes or no question that really isn’t meant to pry out secretive information regarding the game. I hate being pessimistic – especially considering that Nintendo needs a break from all the negativity at this point – but what else on Earth are you supposed to take away from this situation?

Again, simply admitting if something exists or not is in no way harmful to a product. It just sounds like Ubisoft isn’t prepared to deal with the incoming barrage of hate, or that Nintendo has courted them into keeping their lips sealed for the time being.

Watch Dogs is slated for a Spring release window, and in addition to the Nintendo Wii U, it was originally confirmed for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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