Watch The New Neon Chrome Greenlight Trailer


The Steam Greenlight trailer for the top-down, cyberpunk shooter Neon Chrome has been released today.

Developed by the Finnish company 10tons, the gameplay will encompass RPG and roguelike elements, with procedural generation of the level’s rooms as you guide your heavily-armed, futuristic soldiers through floor after floor of what appears to be a huge sci-fi skyscraper, known as the titular Neon Chrome.

Battling your way through mechanical spiders and enemy gunmen, you will eventually make it to the Overseer, the CPU of the mammoth arcology and controller of all who are in it. Needless to say, the Overseer is not too happy about you wreaking havoc on its turf and will do everything it can to make sure you and your team are stopped dead in your tracks. The game will also offer a choice of various character classes, upgrades for weapons and abilities, and local co-op.

The developers have set their sights on an early 2016 release date and are hoping for the game to be available on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. So if you’re in the mood for shooting your way through multiple floors of Philip K. Dick-inspired hell, you can support the game’s Steam Greenlight campaign here.