Watch: Nostalgic First Teaser For Resident Evil: The Board Game Revealed

Resident Evil

It’s a dark and stormy night and the power’s out, all the doors are locked from the inside, and you’ve no choice but to break out the green herbs, light some candles and nestle in to play a game of Resident Evil: The Board Game with a loved one to pass the time until the electricity kicks back in.

While that sounds like a great setup for a zombie story in itself, that scenario may soon become a possibility if Steamforged Games and Capcom succeed in their Kickstarter campaign that launches on October 26th to adapt the classic horror video game as a tabletop experience, reports ComicBook.

The mansion-centered story, which gave us our first glimpse into the bottomless evil that is Umbrella Corp. and their zombie creations, will represent the completion of a trilogy, as the same creators previously released board game versions of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. Confirmed as characters for this new game are Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, the S.T.A.R.S. of the original 1996 game.

For many, this will be a return to the fondly remembered Spencer Mansion where the game takes place, which is featured heavily in the teaser trailer. The original game featured some of the most legendary boss fights in the entire franchise, such as the Tyrant and Yawn the snake. So it’ll be interesting to see how the board game adapts those memorable moments into the game.

If the format for the Resident Evil 3 board game is any indication of what is to come with the newest installment, we can likely expect a cooperative campaign game for 1-4 players, featuring battling enemies with the stakes raising depending on what card you draw.

What do you think should be the next Resident Evil game that Capcom and Steamforged adapt for tabletop play?