Watch: Pokémon Unite Reveals Two New Playable Characters Coming Soon


Pokémon Unite‘s modest roster is set to balloon in size exponentially in the weeks ahead, it would seem.

As announced today in a special Pokémon Presents broadcast, the super-popular MOBA for Nintendo Switch and mobile (the latter of which isn’t due out until September) will soon be welcoming Gen IV favorite Mamoswine as well as Gen VI critter Sylveon. Amazingly, considering how popular the franchise’s so-called Eeveelutions have proven to be over the years, Eevee’s Fairy-type form will be the first to appear in Unite. Early gameplay for the latter suggests they’ll fall into the archetypal healer role, which just this week received some much-needed representation with the addition of Blissey.

As for Mamoswine, it’s tough to imagine the gigantic prehistoric mammal as anything other than a melee defender similar to Snorlax. Though as a ‘Mon with multiple evolutionary stages, the newcomer could be positioned as a late-game bloomer compared to the former, whose strength tends to taper off after the first few minutes of a match.

pokemon unite

Sadly, just two newbies were revealed this time around, though it’s worth noting that several characters previously playable in beta versions of Pokémon Unite, such as Blastoise, are still expected to come at some point. Though it remains to be seen which will come first.

Chances are, The Pokémon Company could be holding back on pulling the trigger, so to speak, in anticipation of the increased exposure mobile will bring next month. But fans will just have to wait and see. In the meantime, you can check out the mobile release date trailer above, which also details several freebies being distributed to all players in celebration of the platform expansion.