Watch: New Pokémon Sword & Shield Trailer Leak Reveals First Look At Crown Tundra


Someone at Nintendo appears to have jumped the gun and accidentally released a new trailer for Pokémon Sword & Shield‘s upcoming DLC a little early.

Crown Tundra, the second of two expansions for the extremely successful Switch games, has so far only been given a vague ‘Late 2020’ release date by Game Freak, and while today’s teaser doesn’t provide a specific launch window, fans at least now know that the studio is aiming to deliver the follow-up to Isle of Armor sometime in the fall. That, of course, means the add-on could arrive anytime between now and the end of November, though judging by what Trainers are treated to in this particular clip, it certainly looks as if development work has already been completed.

As the name suggests, Crown Tundra will see players once again leave the Galar mainland, this time heading south to a frigid landscape home to all sorts of mysterious new ‘Mons. Regional variants of classic Gen 1 legendaries (Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno) as well as the enigmatic Calyrex are known to reside here, as too, are a host of critters returning from previous installments.

While it remains to be seen if all of those Pokémon omitted from Sword & Shield‘s National Pokédex will make their long-awaited comeback, the trailer at least confirms Swablu, Cryogonal and a handful of others to be making the cut. It’s also been previously confirmed that every legendary and mythical Pokémon in the series’ history will be present this time around, no doubt as rare rewards from the pair’s popular Max Raid Battles. Recently revealed Grass/Dark-type Zarude is also likely to make its debut here.

That about covers every new development so far, then, though in light of today’s leak, you can no doubt expect The Pokémon Company to make an official announcement soon, so stay tuned.