New, Weird Metal Gear Rising Trailer Confirms E3 Presence

Oh hey! Another weird video for Metal Gear Rising. This one is a bit harder to watch than the other ones, almost bordering on torture porn. However, this one is important, as it confirms the game will have a presence on gaming’s biggest stage.

Feel free to go over the trailer below. We already know what’s going on here. These are the memories of Raiden (aka Jack, his real name,) being brainwashed into being a child killer by Solidus Snake. Although we never actually see Solidus’ face, that’s clearly his voice.

Most interesting is the binary at the very end. It’s only two characters, and there’s only one thing those two characters could be. That’s right, kids. Those last numbers translate to “E3.” I suspect we’ll learn some new info, perhaps a release date or even have a hands-on demo for press.

I’ll be reporting from the show floor during E3, and this is one of my most anticipated games. So if I have a chance to get my hands on it, you’ll be I’ll be gushing over it here for you all later on.

[Sorry, this video is currently unavailable]