We Got This Covered’s Game Of The Year Awards 2016

2016 may be one of the most divisive years in recent memory, but I can think of at least two things we can all agree on: one, it’s become an awful cliche to start an article with something like “2016 may be one of the most divisive years in recent memory,” and two, video games are exempt from that whole thing about divisiveness.

My larger point is, of course, that video games sure were excellent this year — which made it awfully hard for the gaming team here at We Got This Covered to decide on just ten choices for our Game of the Year awards. After a couple weeks of voting, though, we’ve narrowed it down — and the resulting list just hammers home what a great twelve months it’s been for the interactive entertainment world.

So, without further ado, here are the official Game of the Year awards from We Got This Covered. Congratulations to the developers and publishers involved, and congratulations to video game fans — who may be the biggest winners of all.