WGTC Radio #64 – Our Spoiler Free Thoughts On Grand Theft Auto V


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With Rockstar’s highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V having launched one week ago today – to inconceivably gargantuan sales, no less – it is time to finally start talking about one of 2013’s most exciting games! Neither Sean nor I have finished the main campaign yet – this is a long game, and playing all day every day sadly isn’t an option for either of us – but we have put in more than enough time to give lots of initial thoughts on the characters, story, game mechanics, etc. As a result, this week’s episode is spoiler-free – if you don’t want to know anything about Grand Theft Auto V right now, stay away, but if you want to remain unspoiled on the general specifics of story progression, this is the review/discussion for you!

Before that, we also touch upon some recent video game news – like the release of Steam’s new Linux-based operating system – and I give some quick reviews of this weekend’s #1 film, Prisoners, and the upcoming best film of the year, Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity.

Enjoy, and come back next week when we offer more in-depth, story-based thoughts on Grand Theft Auto V.  Also, be sure to keep an eye out on the site this week for our official review of the game.


 Intro: 0:00:00 – 0:02:49

Gaming News: 0:02:49 – 0:19:30

Jonathan talks Gravity and Prisoners: 0:19:30 – 0:36:37

Grand Theft Auto V Spoiler-Free Discussion: 0:36:37 – 2:12:07

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