What Do Sheep Eat In Minecraft?


Minecraft is a game where most items have multiple uses and that goes for the inhabitants of the island also. One of the NPCs that players will likely encounter early into their adventures is sheep and while these creatures are a great source of food, they also boast other uses.

One of the main uses is to create wool which can be used to make colored blocks or other useful items. In order to get a consistent supply of wool, you may want to consider starting a sheep farm and in doing so you’ll need to consider what the sheep are going to eat.

Fortunately, there are multiple options for feeding sheep. Here is everything that sheep will eat currently within Minecraft.

What Do Sheep Eat in Minecraft?



The most common food that sheep eat within Minecraft is grass. You will find grass pretty much everywhere and can even place it down with grass blocks. For a sheep to grow back its fur it needs to consume grass. Baby sheep will also only grow into adulthood by consuming grass.

Every time that a sheep eats a piece of grass it will become a dirt block, however, with adequate sunlight, this will quickly turn back into a grass block to be consumed.


Wheat is the other food that sheep will eat in Minecraft, however, its purpose is intended for mating rather than to help with growth.

Players holding wheat will attract sheep to them and right-clicking will feed the animals the wheat. Once two sheep are fed they will likely mate which can be seen by the love heart symbols around them. Next, you’ll notice a baby sheep spawn nearby.