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What is the new ‘Among Us’ map called?

Now you can behead your friends at the beach!

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Some may argue that Among Us was just as much of a pandemic as COVID-19, while others will pretend to disagree – but ultimately, deep down, they know it’s true.

Unsurprisingly, Among Us‘ player base has declined in the past few years, resulting from the more lenient laws regarding the ongoing pandemic. In 2020, however, you could bet that everyone and their mother (and grandma, and great-grandma) was glued to the screen, craving some sort of social interaction – even if it was in the form of colorful globs murdering each other. Today, in lil’ old 2023, we meet yet again a new map that was just released.

The new map was unveiled just a couple of hours ago through the official Nintendo YouTube account, and even though the summer is over the heat is still around. The new map is called “The Fungle,” and well, you guessed it – it’s in the jungle. On an island… we think.

In the trailer, we can also see entirely new features coming into the game, including new challenges and stages that each character will have to complete to save the island before the killer on the loose finishes their job. Funnily enough, it had been a long time since a new map was added to the roster, but with The Fungle, it concludes the five maps that so many fans had been highly anticipating.

What’s more, in the comments of the video, the excitement is palpable. It doesn’t even feel as if Among Us was a one-time wonder — even it if was dethroned by a certain copy-cap duck game at some point in time.

Until then, grab your crew and get ready, because the new map will reach the platforms in October 2023.

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