Who’s Loading The Big Gun, Sony Or Microsoft?

Phil Spencer from Microsoft Studios was saying earlier this week that the glasses based 3D technology is not quite realistic for the mainstream gamer. He explained that the Xbox 360 is not ignoring the progress and concept of 3D gaming altogether, but commented that when it comes down to it, gamers are not very likely to fork out the cash (some 100 odd dollars/ 80 ish pounds) for several pairs of glasses required to enjoy the 3D experience like the PS3 is already supporting and pushing for.

Now obviously this begs the question, if Microsoft isn’t ignoring the 3D revolution and they’re not going to create technology to work with special glasses, what are they hiding behind the development doors? Critics and fans speculate whether Microsoft is considering hardware that will remove the need for futuristic specs, going down the same road as Nintendo’s 3Ds.

However, this will obviously require a new range of television screens similar to the technology the 3Ds uses. So perhaps Microsoft is saving 3D for the Xbox 720, but will it be too late? As it currently stands, PS3 titles that have 3D functionality are very few but yet Sony calmly slid a significant support feature onto all PS3 owners HDD’s in an update patch earlier this year. So they aren’t hanging about then, with more big titles like Killzone 3 (PS3 exclusive) and Crysis 2 being built with 3D fully integrated on release.

But is Sony actually getting a good lead on Microsoft, or are they rushing into a technology that gamers might not be quite ready to embrace?

Also worth mentioning and bearing in mind; the Playstation Move has been out for a few weeks now and with hotly talked about Kinect set to release in November, will the battle in motion gaming level the playing field for the rival companies even if 3D won’t?