Wii U GamePads Can Be Replaced For “A Fee”

Nintendo confirmed last week that standalone Wii U GamePads will not be available for consumers to purchase when the console launches on November 18th, leaving users without any viable means to replace lost or broken controllers. A Nintendo spokesperson has now announced that there will be a system in place to handle those situations, “for a fee”.

The representative would not provide any details about exactly how the replacement service will work, but did say that customers will need to contact Nintendo Consumer Service and pay an undisclosed fee. Pricing and details on the process were promised to be announced “closer to the console’s launch”.

Japanese gamers will be able to purchase additional GamePads for approximately $173 at launch, however, it seems unlikely that Western replacements will cost users anywhere near that amount. At least, we hope it won’t cost anywhere near that amount.

We will keep an eye for any additional information about the Wii U GamePad replacement program and let you know as soon as Nintendo announces the exact details.

Source: Polygon

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