Is This The Wii U’s Launch Lineup?

We still don’t know when the Wii U will hit shelves worldwide, but we can, at the very least, start writing a wish list for the games we want most. That is, assuming this list is accurate.

The above picture was sent to ZeldaInformer by an anonymous GameStop employee. It seems to show a list of titles that we can expect on or around the launch of Nintendo’s newest bundle of joy later this year. There are no specific dates for the games or system, unfortunately, but this appears to be quite the impressive launch lineup.

There are a lot of key titles here that were shown off at E3 this year. It’s also good to see that Nintendo seems to be learning from the lackluster 3DS launch by including several first party titles, as well as a generous showing of third party games as well, something that Nintendo has always struggled with.

Keep in mind that none of this is confirmed, but this looks pretty real. We’ll be sure to update you guys on if we hear anything specific past this. Like…you know…an actual release date.