Will there be a ‘Kingdom Hearts 4?’

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts is one of the most iconic and beloved gaming franchises of the 21st century. Kicking things off in 2002, the series has seen a ton of new iterations over many generations of consoles, most recently with Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2019. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a new player of the series, you’re probably wondering when a new installment will hit stores.

In standard Kingdom Hearts fashion, there’s no pattern to the games’ releases. So what does that mean for Kingdom Hearts 4? If you’ve been wondering about the future of Kingdom Hearts, here’s everything we know that could indicate whether or not a sequel is inbound.

Will there be a Kingdom Hearts 4?

Kingdom Hearts

It is not currently clear if we’ll ever get a fourth Kingdom Hearts game; however, it’s likely that eventually there will be another game in the series. That being said, it could take many years for that to happen, as was the case for Kingdom Hearts 3. While much speculation online says that 2022 may be the year we see a trailer for a new addition, nothing official has been announced regarding a fourth title.

According to a recent database leak, Kingdom Hearts 4 is allegedly set for release in 2023, but some of the releases in this leak have been proven incorrect, so there’s little point in taking this information with more than a grain of salt.

Given the reaction to Kingdom Hearts 3, there might be some hesitancy to roll out the fourth installment so quickly. It’s more likely that we’ll see Kingdom Hearts 4 in a few years when there are more new Disney worlds to add and explore. Despite all of this, we can say with hopeful confidence that Kingdom Hearts 3 won’t be the last entry in this iconic franchise.