Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition Dev Diary Shows Extras

One of PC gaming’s greatest treasures and our PC Game of the Year 2011, The Witcher 2, will be heading to Xbox 360 in April. The folks over at CD Projekt RED want to start building excitement by showing off just what will be new in the console version when it becomes available.

Promising new quests, characters and improved controls, the folks making the game are doing a great job of showing off the game to the console crowd. More importantly, they understand the importance of putting more effort into the game than making a simple port.

Remember, all additions for the Enhanced Edition will make it’s way for us PC version owners at some point as well, so you don’t have to feel left out no matter which version you own.

I’ll let the video do the talking, check it out below.

What say you, gamers? Are you Xbox 360 owners looking forward to this?

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