Witness The World’s First Hardcore Inferno Diablo Kill

One of the most important life lessons I learned growing up is “No matter how good you think you are, there is always someone out there better.” It may seem obvious, but this little mantra kept me working hard knowing that it’s never quite safe to rest on my laurels. It seems video games would be no different in this regard. I consider myself a “pretty good” Diablo III player, and since I only play hardcore mode it’s easy for me to gloat over my friends who play the inferior normal game.

Today, I realized just how far behind I truly am when two players successfully killed Diablo on Inferno Hardcore mode, making them the first to do so. Players Kripparian and Krippi took out the Prime Evil early this morning, and lucky for you they taped the entire experience.

How these guys were able to remain so calm during this is beyond me since I’m fairly sure when I finally accomplish this you’ll be able to hear my screams in your house. Either way, congrats to Krippi and Kripparian for this monumental feat, and thanks for reminding me that I still have a ways to go.

Check out Krippi and Kripparian on Twitch.TV