World Of Warcraft On Consoles? “If It Made Sense!”

While perhaps the big “will they, won’t they” PC to console port of the moment may be Diablo 3, maybe it’s not the only big PC game we should be watching for news on. In an interview with Video Gamer, World of Warcraft designer Tom Chilton spoke about the possibility of bringing the archetypal MMO to console users.

 “I mean, if it made sense to do that then we would definitely consider it. We have in the past looked into ‘well, what would it be like if we tried to put WoW on a console?'”

“You can play it on a gamepad, [although] it’s not a great experience and especially when it comes to chat. WoW is a very social game there is a lot of chat interaction, and that’s really awkward on a console without a keyboard.”

As somebody who doesn’t really know much about World of Warcraft or the communities that support it, porting it to consoles seems really obvious to me. The PS3 already has mouse and keyboard support, and if you develop some peripheral set (not unlike Rock Band) for use specifically with World of Warcraft on consoles, you wouldn’t have a problem with having to use a controller. Right?

Ah, if things were only that easy.